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For special occasion make-up (Wedding, Photo Shoot, Movie, etc) we use professional and well-known brands to ensure even application, correct color matching and long-lasting results. The make-up is applied professionally on the day of the event or special occasion and takes approximately sixty minutes.

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A regular manicure or pedicure keeps nails tidy and improves their appearance, the skin is cared for and high-quality products are used to promote strength and growth of the nails. A home care plan may be recommended to maintain and enhance the treatment at home. Choose a package that suits you.

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Depending on what your mind and body crave, New Dawn Spa offers Swedish massage and Indian head massage; Swedish massage uses massage techniques aimed at relaxing your muscles. Indian head massage is based on the ayurvedic system. 

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We invite you to explore the variety of treatments that we offer, providing you with the best ways to relax, unwind and feel energized and alive

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Newdawn Spa is located at number 189 Zone 9, Meadowlands, Johannesburg. Stepping into New dawn Spa feels a little like entering another world

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